US Patent No. 10,363,596


Patent No. 10,363,596
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Three-dimensional Wire Bending Jig
Inventorship Wyatt White, Coatesville, PA (US)
Assignee Wire and Cable Specialties, Inc., Coatesville, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,363,596

1. A kit comprising:a three-dimensional wire bending jig comprising:
a tubular body having an outer surface and an inner surface, the body having a plurality of through-openings formed therein, wherein the plurality of through-openings form a repeating pattern around the body;
a pin releasably inserted into one of the plurality of through-openings, the pin having a head portion engaging the inner surface and a body portion, thinner than the head portion, wherein the body portion extends through the one of the plurality of through-openings and inwardly from the inner surface; and
a sleeve extending over the body portion extending inwardly from the inner surface.