US Patent No. 10,363,564


Patent No. 10,363,564
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title System, Method And Apparatus For Controlling The Flow Distribution Of Solid Particles
Inventorship Joseph David Bianca, Southampton, MA (US)
Paul John Chapman, Windsor, CT (US)
Timothy Joseph Braun, Marlborough, CT (US)
Assignee General Electric Technology GmbH, Baden (CH)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,363,564

1. A coal pulverizer, comprising:a grinding mechanism configured to transform raw coal into pulverized coal;
a classifier configured to receive the pulverized coal from the grinding mechanism and to generate a swirling flow of coal, the classifier being further configured to reject coarse particles of the pulverized coal from the swirling flow;
a turret arranged generally above the classifier, the turret having a frusto-conical body and a plurality of static vanes arranged interior to the body and extending inwardly from an interior sidewall of the body; and
a plurality of coal outlet pipes in fluid communication with the interior of the turret;
wherein a body of each of the vanes has a twisted shape, a leading edge, and a trailing edge, the twisted shape of the body of the vanes at the leading edge being configured to generally match the flow of coal at a bottom of the turret, wherein the leading edge is narrower than the trailing edge, and wherein a pitch angle of each of the vanes is set to coincide with a coal particle flow within the turret,
wherein the vanes are configured to guide the swirling flow of coal as it enters the turret, and to divide the swirling flow into a plurality of controlled flows that are communicated to a plurality of coal outlet pipes, wherein the number of vanes is equal to the number of coal outlet pipes in the pulverizer and wherein each of the leading edges is located adjacent to the bottom of the turret and each of the trailing edges is located adjacent to a top of the turret and a respective one of the coal outlet pipes.