US Patent No. 10,363,108


Patent No. 10,363,108
Issue Date July 30, 2019
Title Surgical Drape With Separable Elements
Inventorship Eric Strauch, Vail, CO (US)
Donald Corenman, Edwards, CO (US)
Dan Droy, Denver, CO (US)
Assignee Creative Surgical Solutions, LLC, Vail, CO (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,363,108

1. A surgical drape to temporarily cover a surgical table while maintaining a sterile field during a surgical procedure to lower a risk of infection, comprising:a drape having a generally rectangular shape and an area defined by a predetermined length and a predetermined width, the drape having an upper portion and an under-table wrapping element;
a selectively separable portion on the upper portion and extending along a substantial portion of the predetermined length of the drape, the selectively separable portion having a pleat extending the entirety of the predetermined length of the drape, the selectively separable portion having a single longitudinal score line disposed below the pleat, said selectively separable portion adapted to be positioned on top of the surgical table;
said pleat having a closed position and an unclosed position wherein said pleat covers said single longitudinal score line when in said closed position; and wherein said pleat is adapted to be opened when said pleat is in said unclosed position to allow said drape to be separated along said single longitudinal score line, so that longitudinal effaced lateral sides of said drape separate and fall away from respective sides of the surgical table in a sterile fashion;
wherein the single longitudinal score line comprises a serration; and
wherein at least a portion of the drape is substantially transmissive to a radiographic signal.