US Patent No. 10,361,343


Patent No. 10,361,343
Issue Date July 23, 2019
Title Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes
Inventorship Gordon C. Brummer, Brookline, MA (US)
Denis M. Nothern, Watertown, MA (US)
Theodore D. Moustakas, Dover, MA (US)
Assignee Trustees of Boston University, Boston, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,361,343

1. A deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode comprising:a base layer including a p-type material forming a first side of the diode;
an active layer grown on the base layer, whereby radiative recombination of carriers in the active layer produces ultraviolet light in response to an applied electric field;
a light reflecting layer disposed between the base layer and the active layer, wherein the light reflecting layer reflects the ultraviolet light away from the base layer, and
an n-AlGaN layer grown on the active layer, wherein the n-AlGaN is on a second side of the diode which is opposite to the first side, and wherein the active layer is disposed between the base layer and the n-AlGaN layer and wherein the n-AlGaN layer includes a textured surface, whereby ultraviolet light is emitted from the textured surface.