US Patent No. 10,352,535


Patent No. 10,352,535
Issue Date July 16, 2019
Title Magnetic Mounting Element, Optical Module, Illumination Module And Illumination Lamp
Inventorship Kunlun Zhu, Shanghai (CN)
Ruikai Lian, Shanghai (CN)
Xuanxiong Gu, Shanghai (CN)
Jianguo Li, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee OPPLE LIGHTING CO., LTD., Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,352,535

1. An optical module, configured for covering and being assembled on a light source module and providing light distribution and insulation protection for the light source module, comprising:a body comprising an optical portion and a power supply drive accommodating portion; and
a mounting portion formed to extend from the body,
wherein the optical portion is provided with a plurality of lens units that are formed to project along a first direction from a surface of the body;
wherein the power supply drive accommodating portion is provided with an accommodating space formed to extend along the first direction from the surface of the body so as to accommodate a power supply drive; and
wherein the mounting portion at least partially accommodates a magnetic mounting element that includes a nonmagnetic base and a magnet which is connected with the nonmagnetic base, wherein the nonmagnetic base of the magnetic mounting element includes a head and a connecting part combined with a magnet, in which at least part of the head is accommodated into the mounting portion.