US Patent No. 10,342,154


Patent No. 10,342,154
Issue Date July 02, 2019
Title Power Supply Apparatus
Inventorship Masashi Kai, Wako (JP)
Assignee HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,342,154

1. A power supply apparatus comprising a battery, an inverter and a housing in which the battery and the inverter are housed, wherein a groove portion for drainage is formed on at least an upper part of an opening portion of the housing, the groove portion includes a main wall extending to an inner side of the housing from an upper surface of the housing, a groove bottom portion connected to the main wall and forming a bottom of the groove portion, and a front wall rising up from a front side of the groove bottom portion, which is opposite to the main wall, a space is formed in a part surrounded by the main wall, the groove bottom portion and the front wall, a cover, which covers the opening portion, is arranged on the opening portion, and the cover comprises at least one first fixing claw and at least one second fixing claw, said at least one first fixing claw being inserted into the space of the groove portion and extending toward the groove bottom portion, and said at least one second fixing claw that presses the groove portion from an outside of the groove portion, the at least one second fixing claw includes a pressing portion and a support portion, the pressing portion presses the front wall of the groove portion from the outside of the groove portion so that the front wall is between the pressing portion and the at least one first fixing claw, and the support portion supports the groove bottom portion of the groove portion from below.