US Patent No. 10,342,058


Patent No. 10,342,058
Issue Date July 02, 2019
Title Observation Assisted Bandwidth Management
Inventorship Mingyu Chen, Stockholm (SE)
Adriana Dumitras, London (GB)
Jonathan David Rosenberg, Freehold, NJ (US)
Assignee Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC, Redmond, WA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,342,058

1. A method, performed by a first terminal, comprising:prior to establishing network communications with a second terminal:
receiving a communication request at the first terminal to initiate a communication session with the second terminal;
requesting bandwidth parameters from a service provider, after receiving the communication request, wherein the service provider utilizes current network parameters associated with the first terminal to identify the bandwidth parameters for return to the first terminal that are customized to the current network parameters,
wherein the bandwidth parameters are identified from historical network parameters derived from variable bandwidth observations made in multiple network accesses from one or more terminals, and
wherein the historical network parameters are grouped based on observed characteristics of the multiple network accesses;
receiving the bandwidth parameters from the service provider; and
estimating an amount of bandwidth that is available for the communication session by the first terminal, by using the bandwidth parameters received from the service provider; and
after establishing the network communications with the second terminal:
performing the communication session by the first terminal with the second terminal, using the available bandwidth for the network communications.