US Patent No. 10,342,012


Patent No. 10,342,012
Issue Date July 02, 2019
Title Self-contained Time Division Duplex (tdd) Subframe Structure
Inventorship Krishna Kiran Mukkavilli, San Diego, CA (US)
Tingfang Ji, San Diego, CA (US)
Naga Bhushan, San Diego, CA (US)
Joseph Binamira Soriaga, San Diego, CA (US)
John Edward Smee, San Diego, CA (US)
Jing Jiang, San Diego, CA (US)
Assignee QUALCOMM Incorporated, San Diego, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,342,012

1. A method of wireless communication in a synchronous network for a scheduling entity to communicate with a set of subordinate entities utilizing a time division duplex (TDD) carrier, wherein the TDD carrier comprises a plurality of subframes, the method comprising:providing a subframe structure for each of the plurality of subframes, the subframe structure comprising a control portion, a data portion, and an acknowledgement portion;
generating a subframe of the plurality of subframes by:
including scheduling information in the control portion of the subframe;
including data information corresponding to the scheduling information in the data portion of the subframe, wherein the data information is associated with the set of subordinate entities and includes all data packets scheduled in the control portion; and
including acknowledgement information corresponding to the data information in the acknowledgement portion of the subframe, wherein all of the data packets in the data portion are acknowledged in the acknowledgement portion and wherein the control portion, the data portion, and the acknowledgement portion are contained in the same subframe; and
transmitting the subframe between the scheduling entity and the set of subordinate entities.