US Patent No. 10,341,996


Patent No. 10,341,996
Issue Date July 02, 2019
Title User Apparatus And Uplink Control Information Bit Width Determination Method
Inventorship Hideaki Takahashi, Tokyo (JP)
Kazuaki Takeda, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee NTT DOCOMO, INC., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,341,996

1. A user apparatus configured to perform communication with a base station in a mobile communication system that supports downlink spatial multiplexing, comprising:a transmitter that transmits capability information of the user apparatus to the base station, wherein the capability information comprises a user equipment category and a number of supported MIMO layers for a specific transmission mode;
a receiver that receives configuration information from the base station, wherein the configuration information comprises:
a parameter indicating a transmission mode corresponding to the downlink spatial multiplexing and
predetermined additional information; and
a processor that determines a bit width of a rank indicator based on the predetermined additional information,
wherein before determining the bit width of the rank indicator, the user apparatus determines whether the predetermined additional information is a maximum number of MIMO layers transmitted from the base station as information to be used for determining a bit width of the rank indicator.