US Patent No. 10,336,440


Patent No. 10,336,440
Issue Date July 02, 2019
Title Curved Winglet
Inventorship Geoffrey Richard Williams, Bristol (GB)
Assignee Airbus Operations Limited, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,336,440

1. An aircraft wing and a winglet on the tip thereof, the winglet comprising:an inner end and an outer end, and
the winglet having a varying radius of curvature (R) extending from the inner end to the outer end, and wherein the radius of curvature of the winglet:
(i) decreases along the winglet over a first distance d1 from the inner end to a first location along the winglet; wherein over the first distance d1 the radius of curvature varies according to an equation R=k1/dn, where k1 is a constant, d is a distance along the winglet measured in an outward direction, and n is greater than zero;
(ii) remains constant over a second distance d2 from the first location to a second location along the winglet; and
(iii) increases along the winglet over a third distance d3 from the second location to a third location along the winglet, wherein the sum of the first and third distances (d1+d3) is greater than the second distance (d2).