US Patent No. 10,335,935


Patent No. 10,335,935
Issue Date July 02, 2019
Title Torque Wrench With Shock Absorption
Inventorship Nathan J Lee, Escondido, CA (US)
Jonathan J Olson, Long Beach, CA (US)
Daniel A Phipps, Round Rock, TX (US)
Gregory E Reinecker, Round Rock, TX (US)
Peter A Kaltenbach, Austin, TX (US)
Assignee Snap-on Incorporated, Kenosha, WI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,335,935

1. A tool having a handle portion and a drive head, the tool comprising:a control housing extending from the drive head and including first and second housing portions;
a controller disposed in the control housing;
a display disposed between the first housing portion and the controller, the display having opposing first and second surfaces, the first surface facing the first housing portion and the second surface facing the controller and the second housing portion; and
first and second materials adapted to absorb impact forces to protect the display when the tool experiences an impact force, the first material is disposed between the second surface and the controller, and the second material is disposed between the first surface and the first housing portion;
a battery tray disposed in the handle portion;
an end cap coupled to an end of the battery tray;
a flange disposed in the handle portion and
a third material disposed between the end of the battery tray and the flange, wherein the end cap and the battery tray are adapted to slide within the handle portion and the third material is adapted to compress upon application of an impact force to the end cap.