US Patent No. 10,320,098


Patent No. 10,320,098
Issue Date June 11, 2019
Title High Frequency Bga Connector
Inventorship Madhumitha Rengarajan, Mechanicsburg, PA (US)
Lewis Robin Johnson, York, PA (US)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,320,098

1. A connector comprising:a housing comprising a plurality of pockets at a surface, wherein the connector is configured for mounting to a circuit board with the surface facing the circuit board, and each of the plurality of pockets comprises a floor surrounded by a wall having a first height in a direction perpendicular to the surface; and
a plurality of contacts held by the housing, each of the plurality of contacts having a mating end, a mounting end opposite the mating end and disposed within at least a respective one of the plurality of pockets, and an intermediate portion that extends between the mating and the mounting end, wherein, for each of the plurality of contacts:
the mounting end comprises a space separating, in a direction parallel to the surface, first and second projections,
the space is separated from the floor of the respective pocket by a second distance in the direction perpendicular to the surface, wherein the second distance is less than the first height, and
at least one of the first and second projections extends beyond the wall of the respective pocket in the direction parallel to the surface.