US Patent No. 10,306,480


Patent No. 10,306,480
Issue Date May 28, 2019
Title Selection Tool For Access Point Positions
Inventorship Timo Vanhatupa, Hameenlinna (FI)
Teemu Pulkkinen, Espoo (FI)
Assignee EKAHAU OY, (FI)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,306,480

1. A computer implemented method comprising:receiving environment information comprising at least planning area definitions, information on propagation obstacles in the planning area, and access point installation height;
dividing the planning area into plurality of location topological cells;
calculating for each location topological cell a plurality of metrics of different types, wherein the plurality of metrics provides values for different properties of a radio signal coverage pattern, one metric providing one or more values for a single property;
converting each metric to a metric score;
calculating for each location topological cell a location score from a plurality of metric scores corresponding the plurality of calculated metrics for the location topological cells wherein a location score is a value depicting the quality of a corresponding location topological cell as an installation point of an access point with the access point installation height; and
storing at least temporarily the location scores associated with corresponding location topological cell for a computerized wireless network planning tool to provide information for determining of final locations of access points in a wireless network that is being planned.