US Patent No. 10,300,715


Patent No. 10,300,715
Issue Date May 28, 2019
Title Media Support
Inventorship Yaron Dvori, Givataim (IL)
Yuval Dim, Moshav Haniel (IL)
Alex Veis, New Industrial Area (IL)
Assignee HP SCITEX LTD., Netanya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,300,715

1. A printer, comprising:a printing unit;
multiple pallets to support a print media through a print zone near the printing unit, each pallet smaller than the print media;
multiple suction cups in each pallet, each suction cup having a port through which air may be evacuated from the suction cup;
a track to circulate the pallets endlessly through a loading zone in which print media is loaded on to some of the pallets, past the printing unit in a temporary grouping to support the print media through the print zone, and through an unloading zone in which print media is unloaded from the pallets; and
a vacuum source to apply a vacuum to some or all of the suction cups in each pallet in the print zone.