US Patent No. 10,299,185


Patent No. 10,299,185
Issue Date May 21, 2019
Title Wireless Relay Quality-of-service Based On Relay-delivered Media Services
Inventorship Nitesh Manchanda, Overland Park, KS (US)
Vanil Parihar, Overland Park, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,299,185

1. A method of operating a wireless data network to control Quality-of-Service (QoS) delivered to wireless relays, the method comprising:the wireless relays attaching to wireless base stations in the wireless data network and transferring configuration data indicating their media services to the wireless data network;
a relay QoS control system in the wireless data network receiving the configuration data, allocating individual QoS levels to the wireless relays based on their media services, and transferring the individual relay QoS levels for the wireless relays to the wireless base stations;
the wireless relays exchanging user data with wireless user devices to deliver the media services; and
some of the wireless base stations directing some of the wireless relays to re-attach to other ones of the wireless base stations based on the individual QoS levels for the wireless relays.