US Patent No. 10,298,848


Patent No. 10,298,848
Issue Date May 21, 2019
Title Motor, Gimbal And Aircraft
Inventorship Zhengli Zhang, Guangdong (CN)
Fazhan Chen, Jiangsu (CN)
Assignee AUTEL ROBOTICS CO., LTD., Shenzhen, Guangdong (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,298,848

1. A motor, comprising:a rotation shaft comprising a first end portion, a second end portion and a middle portion connecting the first end portion to the second end portion;
a first bearing;
a base connected to the first end portion by using the first bearing;
a stator assembly;
a stator bearing; and
a rotor assembly that is used for driving an external member to rotate;
wherein the stator bearing and the rotor assembly are disposed on the middle portion;
wherein the stator bearing, the rotor assembly and the first bearing are sequentially arranged along an axial direction of the rotation shaft, and the stator assembly being connected to the rotation shaft by using the stator bearing;
wherein the rotation shaft is enclosed in a cavity formed by the base, the stator assembly and the rotor assembly.