US Patent No. 10,288,267


Patent No. 10,288,267
Issue Date May 14, 2019
Title Light Fixture With Removable Light Cartridge
Inventorship Darrin I. Schmuckle, Vista, CA (US)
Assignee HUNTER INDUSTRIES, INC., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,288,267

1. A light assembly comprising:an outer housing having:
a first end configured to be positioned at or below a ground level or wall surface when installed;
a second end opposite the first end;
an outer housing axis extending through the first and second ends of the outer housing;
an inner housing assembly having:
a first end;
a second end;
an inner housing body extending between the first and second ends of the inner housing assembly and forming a hermetic seal with the second end;
a light cartridge positioned within the inner housing body and having a lighting element configured to emit light through the second end of the inner housing assembly; and
a tilt assembly connected to the inner housing body and having a user input portion configured to receive user input, the tilt assembly configured to tilt the light cartridge between a first tilt position and a second tilt position with respect to the outer housing axis upon receipt of the user input without breaking the hermetic seal.