US Patent No. 10,285,244


Patent No. 10,285,244
Issue Date May 07, 2019
Title Illuminating Device, Control Method Thereof And Control System Thereof
Inventorship Yang Hu, Shanghai (CN)
Zhixian Zhou, Shanghai (CN)
Liang Wang, Shanghai (CN)
Jian Wang, Shanghai (CN)
Jie He, Shanghai (CN)
Wei Wen, Shanghai (CN)
Wanghui Yan, Shanghai (CN)
Tianhang Zheng, Shanghai (CN)
Juan Bian, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee OPPLE LIGHTING CO., LTD., Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,285,244

1. An illuminating device, comprising:a light-emitting source;
a power drive unit for adjusting the power supplied for the light-emitting source;
a control system that is electrically connected with the light-emitting source and the power drive unit; and wherein the control system comprises:
a detection light switching circuit for switching on the illuminating device to project initial detection light to an illuminated object;
an initial reflected light acquiring circuit for acquiring initial reflected light of the illuminated object;
an initial color operation circuit for obtaining an initial color of the illuminated object according to the initial reflected light;
the detection light switching circuit being used for switching off the illuminating device projecting the initial detection light to the illuminated object;
an environment color acquiring circuit for acquiring an environment color of an environment provided with the illuminating device;
an initial color correcting circuit for correcting the initial color according to the environment color to obtain a corrected color, wherein the initial color is set to be the corrected color when the environment color is within a preset color difference range, and the initial color is adjusted to obtain the corrected color according to the environment color when the environment color exceeds the preset color difference range;
a target irradiating light acquiring circuit for acquiring target irradiating light according to the corrected color; and
a target irradiating light start circuit for controlling the illuminating device to project the target irradiating light to the illuminated object.