US Patent No. 10,251,299


Patent No. 10,251,299
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title 14g Portfolio Bezel Lock And Latching Mechanism
Inventorship Hsu-Chu Wang, Taipei (TW)
Chuan-Chieh Tseng, Taipei (TW)
Assignee Dell Products, L.P., Round Rock, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,251,299

8. An Information Handling System (IHS) comprising:a server chassis housing one or more server components; and
a bezel lock system comprising:
a bezel configured to attach to a panel of the server chassis;
a convert bracket that slideably secures a latching bracket of the bezel to a frame of the server chassis when in a locked position, the convert bracket configured to slide a length of a release gap along a transverse path from the locked position to a released position;
a bezel lock configured to restrict removal of the bezel from the server chassis when the bezel lock is engaged in a locked orientation, the bezel lock including a rotating cam bracket configured to rotate from the locked orientation to an unlocked orientation;
wherein in the locked orientation, the cam bracket constrains the convert bracket from moving inward on a transverse path by abutting the convert bracket, and the convert bracket is confined transversely between the latching bracket and the cam bracket in the locked orientation; and
wherein in the unlocked orientation, the cam bracket is disposed out of the transverse path of the convert bracket, allowing the convert bracket to retract inward to the release position, allowing the bezel to detach from the panel.