US Patent No. 10,251,285


Patent No. 10,251,285
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Electronic Apparatus Unit
Inventorship Nobuaki Nuriya, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,251,285

1. A waterproof type electronic apparatus unit, comprising a connector housing made of resin and including an opening portion and a body portion through which a mating connector is inserted/extracted, and a partition wall having a trapezoidal cross-section into which a plurality of connection terminals are press-fitted, whereinthe connector housing is connected to a first side of a circuit board, with ends on one side of the connection terminals being bent toward a long bottom side of the partition wall;
the circuit board is sealed in an approximately square case body constituted by a base made of sheet metal, which has mounting legs on a third side and a fourth side intersecting orthogonally to the first side, and a cover made of resin,
an end surface opening portion, which is a first side of the cover, has a trapezoidal shape, three surfaces of the trapezoid at the oblique sides, and the short top side of the trapezoidal shape are joined with the oblique sides and the short top side of the partition wall via a first seal material, and a second seal material is annularly applied to the long bottom side of the partition wall and a three-sided outer peripheral surface on the cover, so as to join with an annular base outer peripheral surface on the base; and
the circuit board is held between a shelf portion disposed on the three-sided outer peripheral surface of the cover and the base outer peripheral surface, wherein
the base includes a base bottom surface generated by embossing a center portion of a rectangular sheet metal material to be an approximately square shape with a second depth D2, a flange-shaped base outer peripheral surface which is a contour reference surface of the base bottom surface, and the mounting legs which are generated by bending base opposite sides, which are the third side and the fourth side of the base outer peripheral surface, in a direction toward the base bottom surface, with a third depth D3;
each of fastening surfaces disposed on the four corners of the base outer peripheral surface has a fastening hole into which a fastening screw is inserted for holding the three sides of the circuit board, excluding the first side, between the cover and the base;
the fastening surfaces are embossed toward the direction opposite to the base bottom surface with a first depth D1, to contact the fastening mating surfaces disposed on the cover, thereby generating a seal gap G0 of the second seal material;
the cover includes the three-sided outer peripheral surface, excluding the end surface opening portion, fastening the screw holes into which the fastening screws are screwed, and an outer wall;
the outer wall includes corner outer walls which face the two surfaces on the outer periphery of the fastening surfaces, and a connection outer wall disposed between a pair of corner outer walls located on opposite sides of the end surface opening portion, out of the corner walls;
the connector housing includes an annular outer wall which faces the first side of the base and the end surface opening portion of the cover;
the first side and the second side, which is the opposite side of the first side, of the base constitute a retention gap G1 with respectively the annular outer wall and the outer wall so as to prevent the outflow of the second seal material; and
the annular outer wall constitutes a retention gap G1 with the end surface opening portion of the cover so as to prevent outflow of the first seal material.