US Patent No. 10,251,279


Patent No. 10,251,279
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Printed Circuit Board Mounting With Tabs
Inventorship Luis Diaz, Nuevo Leon (MX)
Aaron Feldman, Atlanta, GA (US)
Matthew Scott Hoch, McDonough, GA (US)
Eric Rodriguez, Smyrna, GA (US)
Assignee ABL IP Holding LLC, Atlanta, GA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,251,279

1. A light engine comprising a printed circuit board and a substrate, wherein:the printed circuit board comprises a width, a length, a longitudinal axis, at least one side edge, a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) extending at least partially along the length of the printed circuit board, and at least one receiver located proximate the at least one side edge; and
the substrate comprises a substrate body having an upper surface extending in a plane and at least one retention tab comprising an upstanding arm extending from the substrate body and a retention arm extending from the upstanding arm, wherein the retention arm comprises a protrusion and wherein the retention arm extends in a plane above the plane of the upper surface of the substrate body such that a receiving slot is formed between the retention arm and the upper surface of the substrate body, wherein the receiving slot is configured to receive a portion of the at least one side edge of the printed circuit board and wherein the at least one receiver is configured to receive the protrusion on the retention arm.