US Patent No. 10,251,253


Patent No. 10,251,253
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Extreme Ultraviolet Light Generation Device
Inventorship Fumio Iwamoto, Oyama (JP)
Tsukasa Hori, Oyama (JP)
Toshiyuki Hirashita, Oyama (JP)
Assignee Gigaphoton Inc., Tochigi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,251,253

1. An extreme ultraviolet light generation device comprising:a chamber in which a target is irradiated with laser light and extreme ultraviolet light is generated; and
a target supply unit configured to eject a target into the chamber, the target supply unit including a nozzle member that includes an ejection face having an ejection port configured to eject the target into the chamber,
an angle ?1 defined by the ejection face and a gravity axis satisfying a condition of “0 degrees the nozzle member includes:
a substrate portion having a base face exposed to an inside of the chamber; and
a protruding portion having the ejection face at a tip of the protruding portion, the protruding portion being formed to protrude from the base face,
a diameter of the ejection port for the target, formed on the ejection face, is 2 micrometers or larger but 3 micrometers or smaller, and
a diameter of the ejection face is 10 micrometers or larger but 20 micrometers or smaller.