US Patent No. 10,251,236


Patent No. 10,251,236
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Lamps Having Current Leakage Protection, Systems And Methods Of Use
Inventorship Wa Hing Leung, Tin Shui Wai (HK)
Assignee Huizhou Light Engine Limited, Huizhou, Guangdong (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,251,236

1. An LED lamp configured to be connected to a leakage protection switch, the LED lamp comprising:one or more light emitting diodes;
a control circuit configured to be coupled to the leakage protection switch by a hot connector and a neutral connector;
a light board, wherein the light board is a printed circuit board that includes a track that surrounds at least a portion of a light module on the printed circuit board, a branch of the hot connector is directly coupled to the track and the light module is coupled to the control circuit by a hot line and a neutral line; and
an enclosure supporting the control circuit and the light board;
wherein when water contacts at least a portion of the track, at least a portion of a current flowing through the hot connector enters a ground conductor, thereby causing the leakage protection switch to electrically disconnect the LED lamp from a power supply.