US Patent No. 10,250,954


Patent No. 10,250,954
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Electronics Module For Coupling To A Module Arrangement And Module Arrangement
Inventorship Christopher Christie, Untermuenkheim (DE)
Thomas Diem, Neuenstein (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,250,954

1. An electronics module for coupling to a module arrangement in a line-up direction, wherein the electronics module includes a casing, which comprises, in relation to a state mounted on the module arrangement, a front side, a back side, and an upper side, a bottom side and two opposite lateral surfaces, the lateral surfaces extending perpendicularly to the line-up direction, wherein an electronics is accommodated in the casing and at least one first bus connection and two second bus connections are provided, which are all connected to the electronics in the casing, wherein the at least one first bus connection is arranged either on the upper side or on the bottom side and a second bus connection is arranged on each of the lateral surfaces respectively, and wherein the second bus connections are arranged in a rotationally symmetric way on the two lateral surfaces in relation to an axis of rotation extending perpendicular to the line-up direction and through the front side, so that at a rotation of 180° around the axis of rotation the position of the respective second bus connection, which is positioned on the lateral surface oriented towards the module arrangement, is identical for both lateral surfaces.