US Patent No. 10,250,816


Patent No. 10,250,816
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Image Capture Control Methods And Apparatuses
Inventorship Kuifei Yu, Beijing (CN)
Lin Du, Beijing (CN)
Assignee Beijing Zhigu Rui Tuo Tech Co., Ltd., Beijing (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,250,816

28. An image capture control apparatus, characterized by comprising a processor and a memory, the memory storing computer executable instructions, the processor being connected to the memory through a communication bus, and when the apparatus for controlling task migration operates, the processor executing the computer executable instructions stored in the memory, so that the apparatus for controlling task migration executes operations, comprising:determining a first zone as an allowable image blur zone, the first zone being a part of a shooting scene;
determining a first imaging region that corresponds to the allowable image blur zone in an image sensor;
adjusting pixel density distributions of the image sensor, to cause a first pixel density of the first imaging region to be lower than a second pixel density of a second imaging region in the image sensor after being adjusted; and
performing, by using the image sensor after being adjusted, image capture on the shooting scene.