US Patent No. 10,246,647


Patent No. 10,246,647
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Adsorbents And Methods Of Use
Inventorship Kyle E. Litz, Ballston Spa, NY (US)
Jonathan P. Rankin, Galway, NY (US)
Erica H. Shipley, Scotia, NY (US)
Michael Scudder, Scotia, NY (US)
Trent A. McCaskill, Mechanicville, NY (US)
Assignee AUTERRA, INC., Schenectady, NY (US) CENOVUS ENERGY INC., Calgary (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,246,647

1. A method for reducing a heteroatom content of a hydrocarbon feed comprising the steps of:providing an adsorbent having a metal complex bound to an inorganic oxide support, wherein the metal complex is a titanyl having a titanium molecule covalently bonded to an alcohol or polyol;
contacting the adsorbent with a hydroperoxide or a peracid, forming an activated adsorbent;
contacting the activated adsorbent with the hydrocarbon feed;
binding a heteroatom present in the hydrocarbon feed to the activated adsorbent, forming a heteroatom-bound adsorbent, leaving behind a hydrocarbon feed having a reduced heteroatom content; and
separating the hydrocarbon feed having the reduced heteroatom content from the heteroatom-bound adsorbent.