US Patent No. 10,246,299


Patent No. 10,246,299
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title System Including Structurally Independent Elevator Machine Guiderail Mounts
Inventorship Richard N. Fargo, Plainville, CT (US)
Robert Wheeler, Bloomfield, CT (US)
Assignee Otis Elevator Company, Farmington, CT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,246,299

1. An elevator system, comprising:a car guiderail, a first counterweight guiderail and a second counterweight guiderail spaced from the first counterweight guiderail in a lateral direction, the car guiderail located between the first counterweight guiderail and the second counterweight guiderail in the lateral direction;
an elevator machine including a frame, a motor, a brake and a sheave;
a first guiderail mount structurally connecting the frame to the first and the second counterweight guiderails, the first guiderail mount structurally connected to the frame at a connection point located laterally between the motor and the brake; and
a second guiderail mount structurally connecting the frame to the car guiderail independent of the first guiderail mount.