US Patent No. 10,246,291


Patent No. 10,246,291
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Yarn Feeder
Inventorship Shen-Te Feng, Changhua (TW)
Assignee Sunshine Kinetics Technology Co. Ltd., Taichung (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,246,291

1. A yarn feeder comprising:a driver having a front cover, a rear cover, a stator disc and a rotor disc, and the front cover and the rear cover configured to fit together to form a housing therebetween; a first axial hole and a second axial hole respectively penetrating through two central portions of the front cover and the rear cover, and the stator disc and the rotor disc installed inside the housing; the stator disc, which has a first through hole at a central portion thereof, secured on the front cover, and a plurality of teeth formed around the first through hole to enable a couple of coils to be wound thereon; the rotor disc having a connecting hole formed at a central portion thereof, and a plurality of magnetic members formed around the connecting hole; and
a winding wheel having two second through holes respectively and axially penetrating through two ends thereof; a shaft configured to sequentially penetrate through the two second through holes of the winding wheel, the second axial hole, the connecting hole, the first through hole and the first axial hole to lock the driver at a first end of the winding wheel; a connecting base, which is extended from the first end of the winding wheel, engaged with the connecting hole of the rotor disc such that when the coils of the stator disc energized by electric current, a magnetic field created to drive the rotor disc and the winding wheel to rotate synchronously.