US Patent No. 10,245,905


Patent No. 10,245,905
Issue Date April 02, 2019
Title Tire Abnormality Management System And Tire Abnormality Management Method
Inventorship Tsugio Sudou, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee Komatsu Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,245,905

1. A tire abnormality management system that assigns work to each of a plurality of vehicles and manages an abnormal state of a tire mounted on each of the vehicles that perform the assigned work, the tire abnormality management system comprising:a work assignment processing unit configured to create work assignments for the plurality of vehicles;
an operation instruction control unit outputs to each of the plurality of vehicles an instruction which causes the vehicle to execute a work assignment created by the work assignment processing unit;
a tire sensor configured to detect a tire pressure and/or a tire temperature of each of the vehicles;
a grouping processing unit configured to perform grouping vehicles to allocate the vehicles into one or more groups, so that a tire load of the work assigned to each of the vehicles is within a predetermined range in each of the groups; and
a tire abnormal vehicle identifying unit configured to identify, in each of the groups, a vehicle with an abnormal tire based on the tire pressure or the tire temperature detected by the tire sensor,
wherein the vehicles are allocated into the one or more groups before the tire abnormal vehicle identifying unit identifies the vehicle with the abnormal tire.