US Patent No. 10,228,487


Patent No. 10,228,487
Issue Date March 12, 2019
Title Rapidly Relocatable Modular Cargo Container Scanner
Inventorship Richard Mastronardi, Medfield, MA (US)
Assignee American Science and Engineering, Inc., Billerica, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,228,487

9. A cargo inspection system, the system comprising:a first lead-in conveyor disposed on a first conveyance for receiving a cargo container for inspection;
an inspection module disposed on a second conveyance distinct from the first conveyance for scanning the cargo container with penetrating radiation, detecting penetrating radiation that has interacted with the cargo container, and producing an inspection signal;
an exit conveyor, distinct from the first lead-in conveyor, disposed on a third conveyance distinct from the second conveyance and the first conveyance for impelling the cargo container following scanning; and
a processor adapted for receiving the inspection signal over a course of passage of the cargo container through the inspection module and for producing therefrom an image characterizing contents of the cargo container.