US Patent No. 10,219,381


Patent No. 10,219,381
Issue Date February 26, 2019
Title Circuit Board Mounted Switch With Electro Static Discharge Shield
Inventorship Adam Charles Lydecker, Burlington, CT (US)
Assignee Carling Technologies, Inc., Plainville, CT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,219,381

1. An electronic device capable of capturing and directing electro-static discharge comprising:a printed circuit board including electronics positioned thereon and including a ground connection;
a rocker having an actuation surface configured to be contacted to actuate the electronic device;
an electro static discharge device comprising a frame positioned adjacent to said actuation surface, said electro static discharge device including a pair of legs extending generally perpendicular to the frame and generally parallel to each other, each leg having a proximal end coupled to the frame and a distal end that is positioned adjacent to one of a pair of ground points on said printed circuit board, each leg further including a pair of arms comprising proximal ends coupled to each leg, said arms extending generally parallel to each other and extending generally perpendicular from the legs, said arms extending along a length of said actuation surface, and wherein said electro static discharge device is spaced apart from said printed circuit board by an air gap, whereby relative pivoting movement is allowed therebetween;
wherein said ground points on said printed circuit board are electrically connected to said ground connection;
wherein in the event an object contacts said actuation surface and an electro static discharge occurs, the electro static discharge is drawn down at least one of the pair of legs and jumps across the air gap to at least one of the ground points on said printed circuit board.