US Patent No. 10,219,305


Patent No. 10,219,305
Issue Date February 26, 2019
Title Communication Apparatus
Inventorship Doron Shaul Shalev, Alfei-Menashe (IL)
Jacob Fastovsky, Holon (IL)
Aliza Breuer, Jordan Valley (IL)
Assignee Bao Tran, Saratoga, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,219,305

1. A communication system, comprising:a cellular Core Network (CN);
a plurality of cellular base stations (BS);
a cellular GateWay (GW);
a Communication Device (CD) with an embedded Home Node-B (HNB) or cellular Small Cell Base Station (SC-BS) as a mobile or location independent portable entity with interprocess communication (IPC), wherein said CD interconnects to the CN by interconnecting to the GW over an Internet Protocol Network (IP NW) in cellular-IP transfer, wherein said CD includes a Communication Apparatus (CA) comprising multi-layered protocol stacks for implementing control plane functionality, user plane functionality and management functionality with a backhaul link between the SC-BS and the CN; anda terminal equipment (TE) including:a Terminal Equipment Transport Layer (T-TrL) providing transport links for Logical Channels (LCHs) between the TE and access termination (AT);
a Terminal Equipment Link Control (T-LC) layer for providing a 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) user equipment (UE) Radio Link Control (RLC) functionality, wherein said T-LC includes a subset of said RLC;
a Terminal Equipment Resource Control (T-RC) layer for providing a 3GPP UE Radio Resource Control (RRC) functionality, wherein said T-RC includes a subset of said RRC;
a Terminal Equipment Packet Data Convergence Protocol (T-PDCP) layer for providing a 3GPP UE PDCP functionality; and
a Terminal Equipment Upper Application Layers (T-UPLR) for providing a 3GPP UE Non Access Stratum (NAS), Packet Switched (PS) and Circuit Switched (CS) functionalities.