US Patent No. 10,219,275


Patent No. 10,219,275
Issue Date February 26, 2019
Title Method And Apparatus For Uplink Transmission
Inventorship Bonghoe Kim, Anyang-si (KR)
Yunjung Yi, Anyang-si (KR)
Suckchel Yang, Anyang-si (KR)
Hanbyul Seo, Anyang-si (KR)
Joonkui Ahn, Anyang-si (KR)
Dongyoun Seo, Anyang-si (KR)
Assignee LG ELECTRONICS INC., Seoul (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,219,275

1. A method for an UL (uplink) transmission of a terminal, the method comprising:determining whether a PUSCH (Physical Uplink Shared Channel) is to be transmitted on a second subframe in a second band,
wherein the second subframe is contiguous to a first subframe,
wherein the first subframe is a subframe on which a PUCCH (Physical Uplink Control Channel) is transmitted,
wherein the second band is different from a first band of the first subframe on which the PUCCH is to be transmitted,
wherein a part of the second subframe of the second band is used as a guard period, and
wherein the guard period is used for retuning frequency between a transmission of the PUCCH on the first subframe and a transmission of the PUSCH on the second subframe; and
transmitting the PUSCH on the second subframe in the second band,
wherein the PUSCH is not transmitted in the guard period of the second subframe.