US Patent No. 10,215,706


Patent No. 10,215,706
Issue Date February 26, 2019
Title Gemstone Sparkle Analysis
Inventorship James Gordon Charters Smith, Buckinghamshire (GB)
Assignee De Beers UK Ltd., London (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,215,706

1. An apparatus for viewing a mark on a facet of a gemstone, comprising:an array of independently operable directional light sources for directing collimated light towards the facet of the gemstone;
viewing means for viewing the gemstone along an imaging axis; and
control means for controlling the operation of the light sources so that the light sources are activated one at a time in sequence, and configured to stop sequential activation of the light sources in response to observation at the viewing means of a specular reflection, from the facet, of light emitted by one of the light sources, the sequential activation being stopped with the one of the light sources that caused observation of the specular reflection remaining activated so the mark can be viewed.