US Patent No. 10,214,810


Patent No. 10,214,810
Issue Date February 26, 2019
Title Tialcn Layers With Lamellar Structure
Inventorship Sakari Ruppi, Portimao (PT)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,214,810

1. A tool comprising a base body of carbide, cermet, ceramic, steel or high speed steel, and a single-layer or multi-layer wear-protection coating applied thereto in a CVD process and of a thickness in the range of 3 ?m to 25 ?m,wherein the wear-protection coating has at least one Ti1?xAlxCyNz layer having stoichiometry coefficients 0.70 wherein the Ti1?xAlxCyNz layer has a lamellar structure with lamellae of a thickness of not more than 150 nm,
wherein the lamellae are formed from periodically alternating regions of the Ti1?xAlxCyNz layer with alternately different stoichiometric proportions of Ti and Al, having the same crystal structure (crystallographic phase), and
wherein the Ti1?xAlxCyNz layer has at least 90 vol-% of face-centred cubic (fcc) crystal structure.