US Patent No. 10,194,559


Patent No. 10,194,559
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Electronic Apparatus And Cooling System For Electronic Apparatus
Inventorship Motoaki Saito, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee EXASCALER INC., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,194,559

1. An electronic apparatus which is directly cooled through immersion in a cooling liquid filled in a cooling system, in which:the electronic apparatus is stored in each of a plurality of arrayed storage sections of the cooling system;
the cooling system includes a cooling tank having an open space defined by a bottom wall and side walls, the plurality of storage sections defined by dividing the open space with a plurality of inner partitioning walls arranged in the cooling tank, and an inflow opening and an outflow opening for the cooling liquid that are formed at each of the plurality of arrayed storage sections;
the inflow opening is formed in a bottom portion or a side surface of the storage sections, and the outflow opening is formed in a vicinity of the liquid level of the cooling liquid which circulates through a respective one of the storage sections;
the electronic apparatus comprising:
a first board having a first surface on which at least one processor is mounted, and a second surface opposite the first surface;
a second board having a third surface that faces the second surface of the first board;
a flow channel formed as a gap between the second surface of the first board and the third surface of the second board; and
a plurality of spacers and a plurality of screws for retaining the gap, wherein each of the screws penetrates through the first board, the second board, and the spacers for fixation,
the first board or the second board includes at least one connector,
the connector is electrically coupled with a power source line or a signal line provided for a pair of board retainers which retain any one or both of the first board and the second board in the respective one of the storage sections.