US Patent No. 10,194,496


Patent No. 10,194,496
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Continuous Light Strip, System And Method
Inventorship Charles Brian Rogers, Clearwater, FL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,194,496

1. An LED strip of a repeating pattern of LED circuits, comprising:a printed circuit board;
each LED circuit of the LED strip including a constant current regulator and a plurality of LEDs in serial configuration with the constant current regulator providing a plurality of parallel combinations of LEDs and constant current regulators in serial configuration,
wherein the LED strip is operationally powered by a single power source of a particular input voltage, the power source operating as a single input source of current of the LED strip,
wherein the LED circuits are disposed along the length of the printed circuit board at different distances from the single power source,
each of the constant current regulators being operationally configured to modulate current of its corresponding LED circuit to overcome variations in voltage by measuring the current in its corresponding LED circuit and adjusting its own corresponding voltage to maintain a constant current in its LED circuit;
wherein the LED strip extends a predetermined distance before a rail voltage of the LED strip falls below the sum of forward voltages of the LEDs in the LED strip,
wherein the LED strip includes a drive voltage,
wherein the length of the LED strip is increasable by increasing the number of LEDs in series
wherein an achievable number of LEDs in series is a figure less than the drive voltage according to the formula:
Drive Voltage>(n×Vf)
wherein n is the number of LEDs, and Vf is the forward voltage drop of the LEDs at a predetermined operating current and temperature.