US Patent No. 10,194,493


Patent No. 10,194,493
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Household Appliance Apparatus
Inventorship Jorge Alaman Aguilar, Saragossa (ES)
Rafael Alonso Esteban, Huesca (ES)
Miguel Angel Bunuel Magdalena, Saragossa (ES)
Enrique Carretero Chamarro, Saragossa (ES)
Andres Escartin Barduzal, Saragossa (ES)
Francisco Javier Ester Sola, Saragossa (ES)
Francisco Javier Pelayo Zueco, Saragossa (ES)
Pilar Perez Cabeza, Saragossa (ES)
Fernando Planas Layunta, Saragossa (ES)
Jesus Mario Subias Domingo, Saragossa (ES)
Francisco Villuendas Yuste, Saragossa (ES)
Ana Margarita Lopez de Lama, Saragossa (ES)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,194,493

1. A cooktop apparatus, comprising:a glass unit;
a touch-sensitive sensor that senses a touch by a user of the cooktop to control a function of the cooktop; and
a coating configured as a multilayer structure and disposed on at least one subregion of a main face of the glass unit between the glass unit and the touch-sensitive sensor, said coating having
a first layer formed by a semiconducting material;
a second layer formed by a semiconducting material; and
an insulating layer which is formed of electrically insulating material and disposed between the first layer and the second layer.