US Patent No. 10,194,486


Patent No. 10,194,486
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Conjoined Class-based Networking
Inventorship LaMonte Peter Koop, Alpharetta, GA (US)
David S. Robins, Buffalo Grove, IL (US)
Assignee Google LLC, Mountain View, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,194,486

1. A method for maintaining information regarding communication links between a plurality of nodes in a wireless network, the method implemented by a first node comprising:for each communication link that is established with one or more other nodes, recording an identification of the other nodes;
receiving a message, by the first node from another node via the communication link with the other node, the message including a network pathway by which the message was communicated in the wireless network;
communicating another message to a destination node in the wireless network that is intended for receipt by the destination node, the communicating of the message by the first node including:
determining whether one or more network pathways from the first node to the destination node are known by the first node;
determining a preferred network pathway from the known network pathways; and
communicating the message to the destination node via the preferred network pathway in the wireless network.