US Patent No. 10,194,443


Patent No. 10,194,443
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Transmitter And Communication System
Inventorship Takanori Saeki, Kanagawa (JP)
Assignee Sony Corporation, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,194,443

1. A transmitter comprising:an output terminal;
a driver that performs transition of a voltage of the output terminal among a plurality of voltages; and
a controller that controls the driver to cause transition start timing in one voltage transition among the plurality of voltages to be later than transition start timing in another voltage transition,
wherein a first transition start timing in voltage transition from the first voltage or the second voltage to the third voltage is earlier than a second transition start timing in voltage transition between the first voltage and the second voltage, so as to cause an end timing of the first transition and a cross timing of the second transition to substantially match.