US Patent No. 10,194,139


Patent No. 10,194,139
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Disparity-to-depth Calibration For Plenoptic Imaging Systems
Inventorship Liang Gao, Santa Clara, CA (US)
Ivana Tosic, San Francisco, CA (US)
Noah Bedard, Pacifica, CA (US)
Assignee RICOH COMPANY, LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,194,139

1. A method for calibrating a depth-disparity mapping for a plenoptic imaging system, the method comprising:presenting one or more test objects to the plenoptic imaging system;
receiving known field positions and known depths for the test objects;
the plenoptic imaging system capturing plenoptic images of the test objects, the plenoptic images comprising multiple images of the test objects captured from different viewpoints;
calculating disparities for the test objects based on the multiple images taken from different viewpoints; and
determining a mapping between depth and disparity as a function of field position, based on the calculated disparities and the corresponding received known depths for the test objects for different known field positions of the test objects.