US Patent No. 10,193,836


Patent No. 10,193,836
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Physical Mail Delivery Via Email
Inventorship Rahul Nair, Austin, TX (US)
Assignee PAYPAL, INC., San Jose, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,193,836

1. A system for delivering physical mail via email comprising:a non-transitory memory; and
one or more hardware processors coupled to the non-transitory memory and configured to read instructions from the non-transitory memory to cause the system to perform operations comprising:
receiving a physical mail item comprising recipient information;
scanning the physical mail item including the recipient information into an image file;
extracting the recipient information from the image file to determine a recipient of the physical mail item by applying an optical character recognition technique on the image file;
generating email content for the recipient by at least interpreting a code embedded in the image file;
generating an email message for the recipient, wherein the generated email message comprises the generated email content;
transmitting, over a network, the email message to a user device associated with the recipient based on an email address corresponding to the recipient before the physical mail item is delivered to the recipient;
causing an email client executed on the user device to display the email message according to a modified setting, wherein the modified setting provides that a selection of a first graphical element in the email client corresponding to deleting the email message causes the email client to transmit a discard mail signal to the system;
determining an indication for discarding the physical mail item by the recipient based on receiving the discard mail signal from the email client of the user device; and
automatically stopping delivery of the physical mail item to the recipient.