US Patent No. 10,192,915


Patent No. 10,192,915
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Optical Sensor And Manufacturing Method Thereof
Inventorship Wei-Ko Wang, Taoyuan (TW)
Yueh-Ching Cheng, Hsinchu (TW)
Chia-Hui Wu, Lunbei Township, Yunlin County (TW)
Assignee Visera Technologies Company Limited, Hsin-Chu (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,192,915

1. An optical sensor, comprising:a sensing layer comprising an active area, a shading area around the active area, and a peripheral area around the shading area;
a first shading filter disposed on the shading area; and
a second shading filter disposed on the first shading filter,
wherein one of the first shading filter and the second shading filter extends from the shading area and is disposed over the active area, and
wherein when a light beam is emitted to the shading area, the second shading filter is configured to block a first component of the light beam, and the first shading filter is configured to block a second component of the light beam.