US Patent No. 10,191,876


Patent No. 10,191,876
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Device And Method For Addressing, And Converter
Inventorship Wolfgang Kropp, Hochheim (DE)
Andreas Schiff, Tettnang (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,191,876

1. A system, comprising:a device adapted to connect to a bus;
wherein the device is adapted to implement a single logical slave as a bus participant in a first mode and at least two logical slaves as bus participants in a second mode;
wherein the first mode is a standard addressing mode, and the second mode is an expanded address mode;
wherein the device includes a reversing logic adapted to shift the device from the first mode to the second mode to switch the device from a standard address to an expanded address to implement the at least two logical slaves in a single addressing process, the at least two logical slaves being made available as bus participants immediately after the addressing;
wherein the at least two logical slaves are operable in the second mode in the expanded address mode in respective cycles by an address assigned by a standard addressing signal; and
wherein the at least two logical slaves have profiles that differ from each other.