US Patent No. 10,191,781


Patent No. 10,191,781
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Classification Based Automated Instance Management
Inventorship Mohan Thimmappa, Redmond, WA (US)
Abbas Guvenilir, Seattle, WA (US)
Maalika Tadinada, Issaquah, WA (US)
Assignee SERVICENOW, INC., Santa Clara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,191,781

1. A method for commissioning and decommissioning an application instance on a computer, the method comprising:receiving, via a processor, a request to commission an application instance on the computer, the request including a classification metric for the application instance, wherein the classification is indicative of whether the application instance is an internal instance or an external instance, an operational environment for the application instance, an operational type for the application instance, or a combination thereof;
automatically commissioning, via the processor, the application instance based at least in part on the classification metric;
automatically monitoring, via the processor, the application instance based on the classification metric by determining whether the application instance has been extended or whether the application instance has expired;
automatically decommissioning, via the processor, the application instance when the application instance has expired, wherein automatically decommissioning the application instance comprises:
identifying and evaluating one or more decommissioning policies associated with the classification metric;
archiving the application instance, comprising generating a backup of the application instance for storage in an online backup system or at an offline backup facility; and
reclaiming resources utilized by the application instance, comprising deleting application instance data from one or more data storage systems, removing records associated with the application instance data from one or more databases, and updating an inventory tracking system to indicate that the resources are available or unassigned.