US Patent No. 10,189,636


Patent No. 10,189,636
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Indicator System For A Combined Procedure Drape And Bag
Inventorship William Parks, Lawrenceville, GA (US)
Assignee EndoChoice, Inc., Alpharetta, GA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,189,636

1. A method for deploying an indicator integrated with a combined drape and carrying bag unit used in medical and surgical settings, comprising:laying out a combined drape and bag carrying unit convertible from a first, mat configuration to a second, carrying bag configuration, said unit comprising:
a centrally positioned, generally rectangular shaped portion for the disposition of an instrument,
a drawstring casing along the periphery of said unit with a continuous drawstring disposed therein,
at least two drawstring access openings positioned along said drawstring casing, thereby exposing a portion of said drawstring to medical personnel, and
an indicator fixedly attached to said drawstring along a particular length of said drawstring, said indicator contained within said drawstring casing while said combined drape and bag carrying unit is in said first configuration; and
placing medical waste or used medical equipment in the centrally positioned, generally rectangular shaped portion;
pulling on portions of said drawstring exposed at said drawstring access openings, thereby converting said unit from said first configuration to said second configuration by gathering together said periphery of said unit and forming a bag and further thereby deploying and exposing said indicator by pulling said particular length of drawstring with attached indicator out of said drawstring casing; and
writing on the indicator after the indicator is deployed.