US Patent No. 10,189,380


Patent No. 10,189,380
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title Child-seat Mounting System
Inventorship Mary Decaluwe, Oxford, MI (US)
Joseph Neighbors, Milford, MI (US)
Raymond A. Beaufait, Macomb, MI (US)
William J. Ochalek, Romeo, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,189,380

1. A vehicle-seat mounting system, for securing a child seat in a vehicle, comprising:a collapsible vehicle seat comprising a vehicle seat back configured to be movably connected to a vehicle-seat base;
a vehicle-seat-back securing structure being connected to, or part of, a rear side of the vehicle seat back, the vehicle-seat-back securing structure comprising at least two alignment structures configured to attach directly to the vehicle seat back, wherein the alignment structures are configured and arranged to mate securely with child-seat securing structures positioned at or connectable to a bottom surface of a child seat corresponding in size and shape to the vehicle-seat-back securing structure; and
a cover apparatus, wherein the cover apparatus is movably connected to the vehicle seat back to be readily movable between:
a covering position, in which the cover apparatus covers the vehicle-seat-back securing structure and the child seat cannot connect to the vehicle-seat-back securing structure; and
an exposing position in which the vehicle-seat-back securing structure is exposed and the child seat is able to connect to the vehicle-seat-back securing structure.