US Patent No. 10,189,123


Patent No. 10,189,123
Issue Date January 29, 2019
Title System For Out Of Autoclave Bonded Repairs
Inventorship Ana Rodriguez Bellido, Madrid (ES)
Jose Sanchez Gomez, Madrid (ES)
Rafael Avila Dominguez, Madrid (ES)
Enric Vila Papell, Madrid (ES)
Rebeca Anguiano Zarranz, Madrid (ES)
Juan Ignacio Forcen Carvalho, Madrid (ES)
Assignee Airbus Operations SL, Madrid (ES)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,189,123

1. A system for out of autoclave bonded repairs comprising:a first fixing structure configured to be fixed to a composite damaged area to be repaired, the first fixing structure including a frame and fixing parts attached to the frame;
a movable structure including:
a first rotating shaft connected to a first engine configured to rotate the first rotating shaft and attached to second fixing structures,
a tooling support attached to the first rotating shaft, wherein the tooling support includes a second rotating shaft connected to a second engine configured to rotate the second shaft, and the tooling support configured to mount tooling including at least one of a scanning tool, a milling tool, a patch cutting tool and a composite patch handle tool attached to the second rotating shaft, and
second fixing structures each including fixing parts linked to each other through a third rotating shaft connected to a third engine configured to rotate the third shaft been the fixing parts, wherein the second fixing structures are configured to be attached to either or both the frame of the fixing structure of the damaged part and a patch manufacturing structure;
wherein the first, second and third rotating shafts are each oriented along a different one of the three axes X, Y, Z according to a cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space to move the tooling in three dimensions; and
the patch manufacturing structure including a fixing tool configured to fix the movable structure to the patch manufacturing structure.