US Patent No. 10,172,230


Patent No. 10,172,230
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Surface Mount Technology Device
Inventorship Benjamin Andrew Copley, Linthicum, MD (US)
Matthew S. Torpey, Ellicott City, MD (US)
David J. Gillooly, Glen Burnie, MD (US)
Justin B. Kennard, Liberty Township, OH (US)
Andrew S. King, Baltimore, MD (US)
Assignee Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Falls Church, VA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,172,230

1. A surface mount technology (SMT) device comprising:an SMT interface on a given side of the SMT device, the SMT interface comprising: an interface ground plane formed of conductive material; and
a plurality of signal pads formed of the conductive material, wherein each signal pad is encircled by one of a plurality of isolation regions formed from a non-conductive material;
wherein the SMT device is mounted on a printed wiring board (PWB) that includes a board interface having substantially the same shape at the SMT interface;
wherein a given signal pad of the plurality of signal pads is encircled by a given isolation region of the plurality of isolation regions and the given signal pad is connected to a given via extending in a given axis of the SMT device and the interface ground plane is connected to a plurality of vias extending in a direction parallel to the given axis of the SMT device and being positioned to surround the given isolation region associated with the given signal pad to form a pseudo-coaxial relationship between the given via and the plurality of vias: and
wherein each of the plurality of vias are connected to the interface ground plane, an internal ground plane and a grounding shield of the SMT device.