US Patent No. 10,172,201


Patent No. 10,172,201
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Electronic Converter And Lighting System Comprising Such A Converter
Inventorship Pierre Perichon, Voiron (FR)
Othman Ladhari, Fontaine (FR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,172,201

1. An electronic converter allowing power to be transferred from an alternating voltage source, connected between an input terminal and a common terminal, to a load connected between an output terminal and a reference terminal, an alternating voltage having a first frequency and comprising positive alternations alternating with negative alternations, said converter comprising:an input inductor having a first end connected to the input terminal so as to receive the alternating voltage;
an output inductor connected to the output terminal;
a storage capacitor arranged between the input inductor and the output inductor;
a chopper circuit configured:
in a first operating state, to charge the input inductor by means of the alternating voltage source, and to discharge the storage capacitor into the output inductor while powering the load;
in a second operating state, to discharge the input inductor into the storage capacitor, and to discharge the output inductor while powering the load;
the chopper circuit comprising a first bidirectional switch having a first end connected to a second end of the input inductor, and a second end connected to the common terminal, and
a control device for controlling the chopper circuit, configured to activate, during each of the positive and negative alternations, successive operating cycles at a second frequency higher than the first frequency, each operating cycle comprising the first operating state and of the second operating state, the first operating state having a duty cycle which varies so as to obtain a constant output voltage between the output terminal and the reference terminal during each of the positive and negative alternations.